Shat-R-Shield Upgrades Lighting

Shat-R-Shield (SRS), Salisbury, N.C., recently embarked on a T8 retrofitting project, replacing the original high-bay lighting system in its North Carolina manufacturing plant and warehouse.

“All roads pointed toward safety-coated, eco-smart T8 fluorescents to replace our marginally performing HID system,” said Jeff Harman, SRS vice-president of operations. “With the new T8 system, the difference is dramatic in energy cost savings, impact on the environment, and accelerated return on investment, not to mention the improvements for our associates in the workplace.”

Shat-R-Shield says the light output is much greater and has reduced glare significantly. The superior light is evenly distributed to all areas of the manufacturing facility while using half the energy of the HID system, Harman said. The new T8s feature longer functional life, improved color rendering, instant startup and operate hundreds of degrees cooler than the original HID fixtures. Payback for the project will be reached in less than one year by combining energy savings with tax deductions and Duke Energy incentives. Contractors for the project, Lighting Services Inc. in Ohio, also estimate Shat-R-Shield's carbon footprint reduction to be 67 tons, which is the equivalent of planting 1,710 trees annually.

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