WattStopper Launches Energy Savings Calculating Tool

WattStopper, Santa Clara, Calif., launched a free, web-based energy savings calculating tool that allows users to determine the potential energy savings available with occupancy sensors. The Energy Calculator (www.wattstopper.com/laa) is designed to help users identify lighting control strategies that best match energy savings goals for retrofit or new construction projects.

The Energy Calculator provides a list of pre-defined Lighting Control Measures (LCMs) that help users compare different control methods to identify how best to achieve additional maximum energy savings. LCMs include pairing an occupancy sensor with an on/off wall switch, bi-level switching, bi-level switching with Auto-on 50%, or bi-level switching using Auto-on 50% with daylighting. Energy savings percentages are based on third-party published documents and research from the Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Lighting Research Center (LRC), the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) and other industry case studies. Future versions of this tool will include calculations for plug and receptacle load control, daylighting and time-based controls.

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