DOE’s Latest SSL Postings

The Department of Energy’s workshops on LEDs and solid-state lighting provide a total immersion into topics of critical interest to cutting-edge light sources and the DOE’s SSL Postings email that summarizes these events and other lighting topics is always an entertaining and informative read. Here’s DOE’s summary of the 6th Annual SSL R&D Manufacturing Workship, which took place in San Diego, May 7-8:

“About 140 SSL leaders representing every link in the supply chain --  from chip makers, to luminaire manufacturers, to material and equipment suppliers, to packagers, to luminaire testers, to the makers of testing equipment --  were on hand to share cutting-edge ideas on improving LED and OLED manufacturing processes, equipment, and costs.

 “While the speakers at DOE's SSL workshops are carefully chosen from the top minds in their fields, these are truly open-ended affairs, with the audience encouraged to weigh in and participate throughout. The result is a unique, diverse, vendor-neutral forum where one often ends up hearing about multiple approaches to the same problem --  which broadens everyone's perspective and leads to better solutions. The spirited interchanges also serve to energize audience and speakers alike, which was definitely the case in San Diego, where the enthusiasm was palpable and downright contagious.”

More info on the San Diego program

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