Enlighted Launches Enterprise IoT Web Applications to Monitor Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

​Enlighted Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, has announced the launch of two web applications: Enlighted Space, a tool that provides rich visualization and reporting of building utilization, and Enlighted Aire, a tool that provides demand-driven heating and/or cooling control. These web applications provide easy-to-use tools for vice presidents of real estate, facility managers and other building advisors to glean insights, like energy usage, space utilization and worker productivity, from their commercial spaces and expands the company’s fully comprehensive IoT platform offering for its customers.

"We're excited to create a clearer line of communication between building managers and inhabitants and the spaces that they use every day," said Chief Technology Officer Tanuj Mohan at Enlighted. "These applications are the next step in making IoT achievable - and more importantly, meaningful - for companies looking to extract further efficiencies from their buildings."

Enlighted's comprehensive IoT platform allows companies to gather insights via its smart sensor technology that offers real-time analysis of what happens inside buildings. Through light, individual heat and motion detection, customers can now access these smart insights from web applications with ease to drive efficiencies and cost saving initiatives in their organizations.



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