LED ceiling and wall luminaires

LED ceiling and wall luminaires

The Slice and Dice LED flush mounts can be mounted as a ceiling fixture or a wall sconce, providing sophisticated lighting patterns and balance, adding dimension to a room’s layout. Slice, a round design, is offered in two diameters, a 9-inch 23W version, and an 11-inch 28W version.  The larger size has a light output of up to 955 delivered lumens (2160 LED lumens).  The low profile of this fixture of only 2.5 inches, ensures ADA compliance when installed as a wall sconce.  The square shaped Dice is available in 6-inch and 9-inch styles, using 16W and 24W respectively, while providing up to 705 delivered lumens (2160 LED lumens).  The smaller style extends only 2 3/8 inches from the surface while the larger model extends only 2 7/8 inches from the mounting surface. This allows Dice to be used within wall mounted applications where ADA compliancy is a must. All luminaires are available in both 3,000K and 2,700K color temperatures, have a CRI of 85, dim down beautifully to 10% and have a long potential life of 50,000 hours. WAC Lighting



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