Lutron settles lawsuit against Crestron

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., Coopersburg, Pa., has settled its lawsuit against Crestron Corp., Rockleigh, N.J. The lawsuit had been ongoing since Aug. 2009 and contained allegations that Crestron products infringed two Lutron patents covering inventions in the area of radio frequency communications and an allegation that Crestron infringed a Lutron design patent.

As part of the settlement, Crestron has executed a license agreement under the RF patents and agreed to pay royalties on past and future sales of its products that use the Lutron RF patents. Crestron agreed to design around Lutron’s design patent. To date, several other manufacturers, including Vantage Controls, Leviton, Cooper Wiring Devices and Control4 have also executed license agreements with Lutron for these same RF patents.

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