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Rumsey relights its Malvern location to showcase LED

Rumsey Electric Co., Malvern, Pa., did a complete lighting renovation in its new Malvern Store to showcase the advantages LED lighting offers compared with Incandescents. The state-of-the-art LED system lights the main sales floor, warehouse, office, conference room and exterior surfaces. 

In a release about the retrofit project, Rumsey said it first started looking into energy efficient lighting for the Malvern facility to demonstrate a system that would be energy efficient, low maintenance, pleasing to the eye while hopefully creating a low carbon footprint. They considered a linear T8 florescent system and a HID metal halide, but said LED beat the others cold in every category. "When it came to energy, performance, high quality, color and upkeep, there was no system that had it all like the LED system."

Rumsey Electric's Malvern, Pa., location with LED lighting
Rumsey Electric's Malvern, Pa., location with LED lighting

They used an interesting combination of fixtures and fittings. In the main sales room, an LED STL semi-direct fixture bounced light at both the floor and the ceiling which created a comfortable and uniform lighting level throughout the retail space. Rumsey was able to hang the lighting at the right suspension in order to provide light where they wanted it. The suspended LED lights provided dramatic highlights to the counter area and helped people better handle their transactions.

In the warehouse, Rumsey chose to use an IBH low bay LED fixture and had tremendous results. A combination of LED troffer and wrap style light fixtures appears to be florescent fixtures in the office area and training room, but they delivered the efficiency, longevity and sustainability a florescent system just couldn't.

The store's exterior surfaces include an LED canopy light fixture and several LED wall fixtures to provide a safe, well-lit exterior in the evening hours. It also provided significant savings. A photocell fixture system on the loading dock turns on and off at the time people need the illumination. Acuity Lithonia provided the fixtures.

"Most of the expense of lighting any space can be cut with the new LED light sources," Ralph Girondo, Rumsey’s in-house lighting specialist said. "We're excited about the new fixtures and the energy we're consuming." Rumsey believes they're conserving 60 percent of the energy used by incandescent sources.


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