Santa Monica College Completes Campus-Wide Lighting & Energy Upgrade

Santa Monica College Completes Campus-Wide Lighting & Energy Upgrade

ReGreen, a Los Angeles-based solar and lighting specialist, completed a campus-wide lighting and energy upgrade at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, Calif., and its satellite campuses. This project is forecast to save the college over $250,000 annually in utility expenses, reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 40%, and increase safety across the campus. The project also features the installation of LED luminaires with advanced controls in the campus Gym.

Awarded this contract, ReGreen was responsible for specifying and installing the most efficient, long-life, and up-to-date technologies, replacing existing outdated and inefficient light sources. As such, the campus’s upper parking structures were fitted with 50% LED dimming technology, while the lighting at all other campus parking lots were upgraded to new (non-dimming) LED luminaires for safety. New generation T8 lamps, LED recessed lights and occupancy sensors also were installed throughout the Santa Monica campus.

“We believe in offering sustainable solutions that not only provide our clients with great energy and financial savings, but also increased quality of life and productivity,” said Chad Clark, Director of Operations and Design at ReGreen.

In addition to utility savings of over $250,000, the Santa Monica College project qualified for a utility rebate of over $400,000, thus lowering its simple payback period to just 3 years. “Implementing sustainable solutions is smart business,” said Clark. “Now, Santa Monica College has met its lighting needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner for many years to come.”


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