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Tounge Associates Works with Pompeo Group in Sale of Optic Arts

Optic Arts is a manufacturer of specification-grade linear LED lighting fixtures. 

Tounge Associates, Portland, ME, in affiliation with The Pompeo Group, Carlsbad, CA, advised Optic Arts, Monterey Park, CA, in the sale of the company to Luminii, Niles, IL, which produces customizable, specification-grade commercial LED lighting products. Paul Pompeo, founder of the Pompeo Group, said in the press release, “Today’s lighting industry is rapidly changing with many strategic players, some private equity-backed, who are looking to grow through acquisitions to enhance product lines and build market share.”

Jeff Tounge, principal of Tounge Associates said in the press release, “It is never too early to start planning an exit strategy that will maximize a company’s value. We can also assist in seeking acquisitions or effecting a recapitalization plan that may be used to ‘take some chips off the table’ or bring in equity to fuel future growth."


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