Candela Corp. to acquire Sunray Lighting

Bill and Terri Baas, owners of Candela Corp., Irvine, Calif., have acquired Sunray Lighting Inc., also of Irvine. Candela Corp. was spun off from Sunray Lighting in 1986.

Sunray Lighting will be merged into Candela Corp. and the name Sunray Lighting will be retired from the lighting business. The change became official on May 2.

The newly combined companies will operate out of Candela's Irvine headquarters, as well as branches in Norcross, Ga., and Bethlehem, Pa. The three Candela stocking locations will speed delivery times to Sunray customers. Call centers on the East and West Coasts give customers a 12-hour live ordering window.

Bill Baas said, “Changes in the marketplace caused us to take a look at the effectiveness of keeping two business structures going when one could do the job. Our customers will appreciate the availability of a full line of lighting products with one call, fax or e-mail.”

Sunray Lighting was founded in 1948 by Terri Baas's father, John Tison. It operated as a full-line lighting distribution company until 1986 when the large lamps and photo lamps, and ballast product lines were spun off to form Candela Corp. After the spin-off, Sunray specialized exclusively in miniature and sealed beam lamps, and sockets. Both companies distributed nationwide, primarily serving the electrical wholesaling market.

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