WESCO buys Brucker for integrated supply

WESCO Distribution, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., is moving to bolster its integrated-supply capabilities with the acquisition of Bruckner Supply Co., an integrated-supply specialist based in Port Washington, N.Y., on Long Island. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Bruckner, an industrial distributor with about 200 employees and $225 million in 1997 sales, provides integrated-supply procurement and outsourcing services for large manufacturing and transportation companies. Bruckner focuses on Fortune 250 companies in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Roy Haley, WESCO president and chief executive, says WESCO will make Bruckner the principal vehicle by which WESCO provides integrated supply services. Existing WESCO integrated supply contracts will continue to be served by WESCO, but in negotiations on new contracts or contract extensions the company will begin to move the business to Bruckner.

Bruckner will remain in Port Washington, N.Y., and will operate as a division, separate from WESCO's electrical distribution business. WESCO will provide electrical supplies to Bruckner, but Bruckner will not be bound to buy all of its electrical supplies from WESCO because some of Bruckner's lines are covered by territory agreements that exclude WESCO.

Robert Rosenbaum, who will continue as president, sees opportunities for Bruckner in concert with WESCO. "We think it will enable us to grow substantially faster, implement more programs and look at more of a global leadership role, it also gives us some special commodity strength in electrical, which is an important MRO commodity."

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