Bridgeport Rep Comments on Court Battle with Arlington Industries

Electrical Wholesaling’s editors received this email from a Bridgeport rep on the ongoing court battle between the company and Arlington Industries. The rep requested anonymity.

“I’m sure you are well aware that Bridgeport has been in business now for three generations. Not too many manufacturers  can claim that in our industry.  But this is a typical example of how confused our government continues to operate. Bridgeport Fittings has been as well-respected manufacturer of fittings in the U.S., as I stated for three generations and continues to builds products in the United States.  They have supported the Electrical Industry in creating new and innovative products as well as working and supporting Electrical Distribution and their Representatives.

“Our government doesn’t have the knowledge to differentiate similar products made by competitors that are closely designed and consequently that has to be the problem which was initially created with the two law suits. It’s really as shame that this has continued for numerous years now and is as bad as the “Hillary Clinton emails” to our industry.   Let’s move on from this to bigger and better things.”

-- An anonymous Bridgeport Fittings Representative

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