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Calling All Salespeople … Here’s Your Chance to Be Famous

Electrical Wholesaling's October issue will include a feature article entitled "99 Sales Tips from the Pros." In our research for this article, EW’s editors are contacting salespeople from around the industry to include their sales tips. If you would like to be part of this article, please answer the following questions by email to [email protected]:

  • What sales basics work no matter what the product, company or situation?
  • Are salespeople born and not made, or can you make someone into a great salesperson?
  • How often do the best salespeople become the best sales managers?
  • In a given sales situation, how much of a successful sale is the salesperson's selling skills, and how much of it is the combination of product, a company's reputation, brand equity, etc.? (One veteran salesperson swear that a salesperson's individual selling skills were about 15% of the total equation.)
  • Who was the best salesperson you ever knew? Why was he or she the best?
  • Were his/her sales talents transferable to other or younger salespeople at your company?
  • What was your most memorable sale? Why?
  • Send your responses via email by Wednesday, September 27 to Jim Lucy, Electrical Wholesaling’s Chief Editor at [email protected]. Thanks for your help!

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