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Copper Investing News reports on copper surplus

Electrical Wholesaling’s editors have been enjoying all the insight Copper Investing News has provided in recent months on the perplexing tale of the copper stockpiles in China, and how they are affecting copper pricing around the globe. In a post today, Copper Investing News said:

“The copper market may be looking at a surplus this year and next, but with a lack of new supply coming online, the market is headed to deficit territory. And, according to Jim Lennon, a consultant for Macquarie Securities, Chinese demand is the key to it all.”

Copper Investing News post also had some interesting commentary from Stefan Ioannou a mining analyst at Haywood Securities on future copper prices, who said:

“Copper prices will remain range bound between $3 and $3.25 per pound. For the next year and a half, pricing is probably is going to be relatively flat.”

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