Roll of copper wire

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

An incredible copper shortage by the end of the decade? One analyst thinks so

Copper Investing News always seems to have some compelling content on the state of the copper market. In a post today from the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium, Charlotte McLeod said Robert Friedland, executive chairman and director of Ivanhoe Mines, gave a great presentation on the future of the copper and platinum markets.

McLeod reported that Friedland believes there’s a “gradual decline in copper grade globally as the requirement level keeps going up,”  and that he said, “We are going to have an incredible shortage of copper by the end of this decade … Where we’re headed is going to be psychedelic.”

Check her article for more information on what Friedland believes will drive this demand. He offers some fascinating insight into why more copper will be used in hospitals, why Google is buying more copper, and the impact Tesla’s new gigafactory could have on the copper market.

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