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Madison Electric Products Announces Partnership with SAW Inc.

Madison Electric Products, Cleveland, is partnering with SAW Inc., one of the largest employers of persons with developmental disabilities in Ohio. SAW currently employs six workers at Madison, each of whom works on-site, packaging electrical components.

“The opportunity that Madison Electric has given to SAW shows the level of commitment they have given to the community,” said Marilyn Jares, SAW sales manager. “Madison Electric helps give purpose and dignity to people with developmental disabilities who want to be working, contributing members of the community. They have given the SAW workers the opportunity to achieve a better place in life through consistent employment.”

Madison is one of more than 200 companies who work with SAW. As the nonprofit arm of the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, SAW secures subcontract work from area businesses and industries, and oversees its completion.

“We're proud to support SAW's mission of helping people with developmental disabilities find work and integrate into local companies. The employees here are welcomed additions to the Madison Electric team,” said Brad Wiandt, president of Madison Electric Products.

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