Philips Lighting Repositions Advance Transformer Brand

In a branding shift intended to bank on the power of the Philips name in the lighting market and retain the brand equity the Advance ballast business enjoys, Philips Lighting, Somerset, N.J., is renaming its Rosemont, Ill.-based ballast business “Philips Advance.”

As part of the initiative, Advance Transformer Co. will officially become known as Philips Lighting Electronics North America (N.A.) and will adopt Philips Advance as its product brand on all existing electronic and magnetic fluorescent and HID ballasts. “The Advance brand will be retained within the new ‘Philips Advance’ product brand in deference to Advance's 60-plus-year industry presence and strong equity in the marketplace,” said Susan Bloom, director of corporate communications for Philips Lighting. “The new introduction of Philips into the product brand is intended to educate the industry about our affiliation with global technology parent Philips and help simplify this association within the market. Most members of the distributor community understand that Advance has been part of the Philips family since 1959, so this initiative has not been a surprise to most of our customers.”

Beginning in mid-2008 and continuing throughout 2009, Advance's repositioning activities will include updated product packaging, collateral, and commercial documentation reflecting the new organization and product brand names. A press release announcing the move said, “The move toward more consistent Philips branding is designed to facilitate a broader range of market opportunities and a simplification of its corporate affiliation in the marketplace.”

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