Scam Alert Electrical Distributors Receiving Bogus RFQs for Smoke Detectors

In an apparent scam, electrical distributors are receiving emails requesting quotes for BRK smoke detectors.

According to Bob Snyder, vice president, Equity Electrical Associates/EDN, Bluffton, S.C., Equity/EDN distributors have been receiving e-mails from a “Martha Scott of Scott Electric” soliciting quotes for 600 BRK Electronics’ smokes detectors.

Snyder said one Equity/EDN distributor was instructed to prepare the order for a FedEx pick-up. “Martha Scott” provided four credit card numbers and told the distributor to split the cost of the smoke detectors on with the four cards. The distributor later found out that the credit cards had been reported as stolen.

In an email to Equity/EDN members, Snyder said, “Be sure your staff does not fall for this scam. As it is said, “There is no free lunch.” If you do not know the person or company with whom you are dealing, your terms should be CIF — CASH IN FIST!

Snyder also alerted the marketing/buying group’s members to another Internet scam. “The bad guy purchases a product and then offers to pay by sending a cashier check for more then the amount of the purchase,” he said in the e-mail. “The buyer then asks to have the difference sent to him. A cashier’s check is sent payable to the seller. The check looks real and has a company or credit union imprint. The problem is that the check is bogus. If you cash it, you will be responsible to your bank for the total amount of the check. As crazy it this may seem, it happens every day.”

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