Two General Cable facilities on Best Plants list

Two General Cable manufacturing facilities have been named as winners in the 2011 Best Plants Competition held by IndustryWeek magazine. General Cable's Lawrenceburg, Ky., manufacturing facility, which produces communications wire and cable, and its Lincoln, R.I., plant, which manufactures portable cord, ignition wire and renewable products, were selected by IndustryWeek as two of the 10 Best Plants in North America. IndustryWeek started its Best Plants Award Program 22 years ago as an annual salute to outstanding manufacturing facilities across all industries. It highlights plants that are on the leading edge of efforts to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and create stimulating and rewarding work environments. The plants were recognized in on-site ceremonies in January. Since 2001, General Cable has had 10 plants selected as Best Plants finalists and 9 of them have won the award.

“Lean Manufacturing, combined with Six Sigma quality improvement tools, continues to drive major improvements in all our manufacturing operations,” added Mark Thackeray, senior vice president, North American operations. “Our strategy to achieve manufacturing excellence has made General Cable a much stronger company today, despite a tough economy. Lean Thinking is part of our culture of continuous improvement, along with the engagement and contribution of our associates — something we call ‘OLPC’ or Operator-Led Process Control. The Lawrenceburg and Lincoln plants are both operating very close to our ideal vision of OLPC.”

Note: IndustryWeek is published by Penton Media, which also publishes Electrical Wholesaling.

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