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About Electrical Wholesaling

Electrical Wholesaling reaches 24,000+ distribution professionals with features that are in step with the concerns of today’s wholesalers, including the latest trends, new market opportunities, sales techniques and operational analyses. Partnering with Electrical Wholesaling provides the perfect opportunity to reach the people who stock and sell your products.

Electrical Wholesaling is hands down the leader when it comes to reaching decision makers. As the industry’s independent resource, Electrical Wholesaling reaches the leaders of the industry. Our subscribers include 3,700+ individual firms and 9,400+ locations, including every member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

Of our 24,000+ subscribers, 16,000+ are executives and managers. 79% of Electrical Wholesaling readers are involved with deciding which product lines to take on. This means that Electrical Wholesaling puts you in touch with the top brass who make key decisions – about your products.

Electrical Wholesaling excels with decision makers because of its top-notch editorial content. 70% of readers have read all of the last four issues of Electrical Wholesaling because of important features such as the Market Planning Guide, the 250 Biggest, Hot Products and more that will help streamline their business practices while increasing profits. Successful distributors read Electrical Wholesaling. And successful manufacturers reach distributors in Electrical Wholesaling.

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