Happy Wholesaling

Jan. 1, 2010
When Mike and Steve Blazer announced they would be opening Blazer Electric Supply 2.0, the buzz around town was almost audible.

When Mike and Steve Blazer announced they would be opening Blazer Electric Supply 2.0, the buzz around town was almost audible. Customers, vendor reps, and former employees were all excited about the possibilities. Everyone who worked with them before had no doubt that the company would be just as successful the second time around. These guys are smart businessmen. They know how to run a strong company, and their management team is top-notch. Employees were chosen for their knowledge and their skills, but also for their ability to work as a team. Those who were fortunate enough to be invited back for round two were incredibly grateful to have this opportunity. Some people even took a pay cut in order to be a part of the team. Are they nervous about the economy? Sure, everyone is, but there is little doubt that Blazer 2.0 will be ready to roll when it picks up again.

Everyone is a stakeholder in this gig. The employees are counting on the Blazers to lead the company to success, and the Blazers are counting on their employees to represent them well and to create a winning team — and if we win, we all win. The majority of the Pueblo team has been together for many, many years. They know how to work together and everyone is ready to jump in whenever and wherever they're needed. Food is a big deal in Pueblo — it could be the breakfast burritos and birthday cakes that have bonded them together. While many of the folks on the Colorado Springs team were dispersed to different places around town over the years, they stayed in contact with each other. The day we all met up in the empty building we used to call home, it was an amazing reunion. We don't just work for a family business — we are a family.

The faces around here are the same, but when I think of what's different this time, it's that we're all older and wiser. Most of the ‘young ones’ are now in their 30s and 40s, and this isn't just their job, it's their career. Some of us have picked up a few pounds or a few gray hairs. We might look a little older on the outside and climbing up on the shelving is a little harder on the knees, but somehow coming back here has brought back youth on the inside, and it shows. Somebody hugs somebody every day, just because we're happy to be here. When Cathy Johnson (the best “counter guy” in town) greets her customers, they know she really is glad to see them. When Mike Martinez (inside sales) is on the phone and has two customers waiting for him they know he'll take care of them. It's easy to provide good customer service when you're happy at your job. I'm fairly sure we are the happiest distributor in southern Colorado. It doesn't get much better than this.

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