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March 1, 2003
Electrical contractors who evaluated this year's entrants in the CEE News/EC&M Product-of-the-Year competition had a pretty simple evaluation criteria:

Electrical contractors who evaluated this year's entrants in the CEE News/EC&M Product-of-the-Year competition had a pretty simple evaluation criteria: Will this product help me do my job faster, safer, smarter or more profitably?

More than two dozen contractors and facility maintenance personnel cast votes for the most innovative products while attending the Electric West trade show in February. From the dozens of new products entered in the competition, the panel selected 24 finalists.

The winner will be selected by CEE News, EC&M and Electrical Wholesaling reader votes. To cast your vote, go to, and click on the Product-of-the-Year icon. All voters get a chance to win a $100 American Express gift certificate. The winner will be announced at the Electric 2002 trade show in New York on June 17.

Low-voltage DIN-rail power supply is small and light

The SDP DIN-rail low-voltage power supplies are small and light. The power supplies require no tools to install. All models include a DC OK light and adjustable output. The design is compact, economical, efficient and small. The product is available with outputs from 5V to 48V and best for applications of 100W or less. Sola/Hevi-Duty
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Wire tracker traces multiple terminations

This wire tracker traces unenergized, installed wires and cables, and distinguishes between multiple-wire terminations. Application-specific plugs are built into the transmitter to connect to coaxial and Cat. 5 cables, telephone wiring and electrical wiring. Adjustable sensitivity control, dual audible and visual indicators allow for precise detection of multiple wires. Gardner Bender
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Multi-volt time control does the work of many controls

This time control, which operates on 120V/208V/240V/277V, is said to do the work of many models. The product features a capture tripper, a real-clock face and field-adjustable voltage settings. It also fits competitive enclosures. Grasslin Controls
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Load center features neutrals and ground screws

The Ultimate Load Center features Insta-Wire neutrals and ground screws, which have slotted, No. 2 square drive combination heads. This design makes it easier for the installer to use a torque-controlled power driver. The load center's horizontal main breaker handle is invertible, allowing 180-degree installation. Siemens Energy & Automation
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Shirt-pocket test tool features analog barograph features

The DM73B meter features a 4,200-count digital display and plus/minus 0.59 accuracy. Weighing less than 4 ounces, slightly more than 1 inch wide and under 8 inches in length, it is suitable for hard-to-reach electrical and electronic measurements. The product offers a host of functions appealing to a range of users measuring AC and DC voltage, resistance and continuity. A “touch-hold” function freezes the measurement value on the display, allowing the user to concentrate on the test. Meterman Circle 239 on Reader Service Card

Circuit monitor maximizes facility uptime

The CM4000T PowerLogic series circuit monitor features transient detection to detect and record transient voltages that exceed the voltage-withstand of sensitive industrial equipment. The product detects both oscillatory and impulsive transients, said to be an industry first, in a full-feature, permanently mounted circuit monitor. It generates an alarm to prevent shutdown. Square D/Schneider Electric
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Network bracket manages low-voltage applications

The HNB-3 Home Network Bracket can manage low-voltage applications such as video, audio, phone and computer networks in residential applications. Designed to hold any three of this company's home-networking modules, the bracket features an angled location for mounting video splitters. Multiple brackets can be ganged together to expand network capabilities. Pass & Seymour/Legrand
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Cordless reciprocating saw reaches into tight places

This Sawzall, the Hatchet, is a compact cord-less reciprocating saw. The Hatchet, with its six-position pivoting handle, has redefined the reciprocating saw. When in the right-angle position, the hatchet, at less than 13 inches, allows users to get into tight spaces such as in between wall studs or underneath countertops. Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
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Cable tray support attaches to round or square floor posts

The Under Floor Support Clamp (UFCN) can support this company's wire cable tray in raised access floor installations. The corrosion-resistant clamp attaches to round or square access floor posts, and its snap-on-and-bolt design accommodates installation. Cablofil
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Pliers and cable cutters feature contoured soft handles

Journeyman pliers and cable cutters feature contoured, soft handles with a contoured thumb area and flat thumb rest. The joints are hot-riveted to ensure smooth action, and the cutting knives are induction-hardened for long life. Klein Tools
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Wire strippers and cutters feature firm grip

These lightweight wire strippers and cutters feature Klein-Kurve handles to ensure a firm grip while stripping, cutting, looping and gauging wire. Made of hardened steel, the tools are designed with narrow, serrated nose jaws and long, curved handles. Klein Tools
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Conduit fitting simply pushes into place

The Snap2it fitting for nonmetallic liquidtight conduit simply pushes on to nonmetallic liquidtight conduit for a secure, liquidtight seal. The fitting needs no tools to install. It's removable, reusable and UL/CSA listed. Arlington Industries
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Dual-voltage box is designed for voice/data cabling

Made of PVC, the Union dual-voltage, nonmetallic box is designed for power and voice/data cabling. Its 20½ cubic inch volume makes it compatible with single-gang line-voltage devices such as GFCIs and duplex and single receptacles. Cut-out holes allow the use of Ty-Rap cable ties. Thomas & Betts
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Wire stripper features shear-cut bolt cutters

The Kinetic Super Wire Stripper features Shear-Cut bolt cutters, a Thumb-Valley thumb guide, a Santroprene grip to reduce wrist stress and wick away perspiration and a Pocket-Locket that locks the tool shut when not in use. Ideal Industries
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Lighting control system helps reduce energy costs

The Powerlink G3 lighting control system helps reduce energy costs and conserves energy by automatically switching off lighting during periods of non-occupancy in an easy-to-install, cost effective solution. The system doesn't require additional equipment space and can be easily retrofitted or installed into existing panelboards. The lighting control features Ethernet communications capabilities that allow Web-based control and remote access to equipment information. The product uses individual branch circuitry. Each branch circuit is configurable to operate according to the need of the area it controls. The panelboard minimizes upfront installation costs. Square D/Schneider
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Networking switches angle to eliminate dust

Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, INDomation 10/100 Ethernet switches operate on 24V DC power sources via Phoenix-type connectors. RJ-45 ports in the front panels are angled to eliminate dust and grime buildup. A clear-hinged cover protects connections and allows for visual inspection. Unicom
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Cable puller sets up in less than two minutes

The Pull-It 3000 is a cable-pulling tool that sets up in less than two minutes and weighs only 60 pounds. It can exert more than 3,000 pounds of pulling force, and its design accommodates both rope and Mule tape. The time- and labor-saving tool was designed by a contractor in the field. Ray Practical Technologies
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Colored feeder wire comes in many colors

This wire comes in a variety of colors and sizes, including THHN, XHHW-2, USE-2, and residential NM-B. This company has also begun to manufacture 12/2 G NM in yellow and 10/2 G NM in orange. Encore Wire Corp.
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True RMS clamp meter features slim shape

The Fluke 337 clamp meter features a slim, easy-to-grip body that fits comfortably in your hand. The narrow jaws easily squeeze in and out of tight spots. The large, backlit display makes measurements easy to see in any light. The in-rush function troubleshoots current surges that trip motor starters. Fluke
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Lighting fixture support withstands extremes

The Gard-N-Post is a nonmetallic support for outdoor light fixtures or GFCI wiring devices with weatherproof covers. UV-rated and corrosion-resistant, it can withstand extreme outdoor use. In place of a coat of paint that could chip, a colorant runs through the product. The fixture comes in four colors that will not chip. Arlington Industries
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LAN cable tester tackles Cat. 7 cable

The LANTEK 7 cable tester can certify 750 MHz installations, making it compliant with emerging Cat. 7/ISO F standards. The tester's link adapters lock into the unit's case, creating a stable, repeatable testing platform. The adapters plug into patch cords for permanent link testing. Ideal Industries
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Electronic ballast provides dual-wattage lamp operation

The e-Vision ballast for HID lamps provides IntelliVolt or dual-wattage lamp operation. IntelliVolt allows ballast operation from 120V to 277V. The dual-wattage feature allows the ballast to operate both 35W and 50W lamps, or both 70W and 100W lamps. Advance Transformer Co.
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Color-coded cable simplifies inventory management

Romex Extra Color NM-B is a line of nonmetallic cable color-coded by gauge size. No. 14 is white, No. 12 is yellow, No. 10 is orange and No. 6 is black. The colors simplify inventory management for distributors and provide easier installations for contractors. Southwire Co.
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Three-phase UPS offers scalable power protection

The online, three-phase Galaxy 3000 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers scalable power protection from 10kVA to 30kVA. It uses the Ultra High Availability Topology (UHAT) to protect critical loads, and it can support 10 to 40 network servers. MGE UPS Systems
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