Turtle & Hughes Supplies Switchgear to NYC’s Hudson Yards Project

April 3, 2019
The switchgear was installed in two co-generation plants that are part of the complex’s smart microgrid.

Turtle & Hughes, Linden, NJ, provided switchgear and related products for New York’s $25 billion Hudson Yards complex, the largest construction project in Manhattan since Rockefeller Center and the largest urban redevelopment project in the nation. The project was in the news recently the recent opening of its signature honeycomb shaped Vessel sculpture shown here in the photo above.

According to the Turtle & Hughes Technology Blog, the switchgear was installed in two co-generation plants that are part of the complex’s smart microgrid, which is “designed to keep Hudson Yards running even if the national grid goes down.”

“The switchgear our team built into the microgrid is instrumental in keeping it ready, reliable and efficient as it seamlessly transfers power from the national grid to local power, when required,” according to the post in the Turtle & Hughes blog. “By building a redundant system using a combination of ring-breakers, the microgrid can be prevented from ever going down. The smart microgrid also has two-way digital communication between smart devices to the national grid. This provides data that can be analyzed to ensure that whenever there is going to be a disruption in power, the Hudson Yards grid is ready to take over.

 “Microgrid technology along with new battery storage systems are ushering in a new age of power management and providing opportunities for a wide range of commercial, industrial and utility scale applications. The goal for all types of alternative grids is the same as those at Hudson Yards: better security, more efficient transmission, a resilient infrastructure, and lower costs for consumers.”

Click here for more information on this project and other company news in Turtle & Hughes’ Technology Blog.

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