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Minerallac Now Powered 100% by Solar

Aug. 7, 2019
With more than 1,000 solar modules, this is the first ground-based solar array in the Kane County, IL.

Minerallac Co., Hampshire, IL, installed a new 352 kW ground-mounted solar array outside of its headquarters that provides 100% of the facility’s electrical power needs. “The best part of this project was the ability to partner with Continental Electric, one of the oldest and most respected electrical contractors in the area.  Minerallac Co. is celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2019 and we welcomed the opportunity to partner with a contractor whose history is almost as long as ours,” said Jim Hlavacek, Minerallac’s president, in the press release.

“This was an easy decision.  Solar energy not only made good business sense, but it fits in with our company’s commitment to finding more environmentally friendly ways of doing business,” said Carl Moellenkamp, CFO in the press release. “A 125-year--old company cannot remain complacent and has to be forward-thinking with new technologies.”

State Senator Don DeWitte and State Representative Dan Ugaste attended the ribbon cutting ceremony on July 10.

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