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Service Wire Offering Coupon

Oct. 4, 2019
This coupon is worth a “First Twist Free” with their purchase of prefab, twisted cable.

ServicePLEX is Service Wire Company’s prefabricated, twisted cable that pulls like a single cable without the jamming that can occur with parallel pulls. The cable is designed to be pulled into a conduit, run overhead in a cable tray or installed on commercial or industrial job sites, including lighting jobs.

For first time orders, Service Wire is offering a coupon for a “First Twist Free.” For a limited time, customers can download and present the coupon with their purchase order for XHHW-2 or USE-2/RHW-2 single conductors, and Service Wire will twist them for free (valid for up to $1,500 of plex fees waived).

The single conductors use thermoset insulation, a superior product compared to thermoplastic insulation. Thermoset or crosslink products like XHHW-2 have XLPE insulation instead of PVC, are dual rated for 600V/1kV applications and are hospital grade. ServicePRO-X No Lubricant Required single conductors are stocked in a wide range of industry sizes and colors to accommodate a variety of color codes.

Visit their site to request a coupon for your “First Twist Free.”