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ACEEE Answers “What’s Next After Lighting?” for Energy Efficiency Standards

Nov. 4, 2019
At the latest ACEEE conference, regional energy efficiency organizations discussed where the future of energy efficiency lies

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently held their Energy Efficiency as a Resource conference in Minneapolis, where leaders from regional energy efficiency organizations (REEOs) helped answer the question, “What’s next after lighting?”

Rachel Gold, senior manager, utilities program for ACEEE, outlined some of the major themes that the REEOs explored at the conference:

  • Residential opportunity for high-efficiency heat pumps for space and water heating
  • Potential for strategic energy management (SEM), programs that give organizations guidance and structure on implementing energy-saving practices
  • Importance of delivering services to low- and moderate-income communities
  • Flexibility, integration and optimization in energy efficiency offerings
  • New tools for market transformation such as building performance standards

To learn more about the conference’s findings, read the original report here.

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