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Parrish-Hare Donates Items to Support Domestic Violence Victims

Jan. 16, 2020
Items support Families to Freedom, an Dallas-based charity

This past holiday season, Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply, Irving, TX, and its employees donated pallets of car seats, snacks, travel activities, gift cards and comfort items to Families to Freedom. The Dallas-based charity began service in October 2015 to address the lack of available shelter for domestic violence victims. It provides survivors of domestic violence free long-distance transportation to reunite with family or get to shelter far away. 

In a Facebook post from Families to Freedom, it wrote, "We're grateful to Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply for their PALLETS of donated items to support travel in the new year!! Special thanks to Margaret Hare for raising us up to everyone there! We have enough snacks, car seats, food gift cards, and travel gear for months to come." 

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