Polywater Venture

American Polywater and Hauff-Technik Introduce Mechanical Sealant Line in the U.S.

Jan. 28, 2020
The mechanical seals and infrastructure entrances are aimed at a broad range of industry sectors.

Polywater, Stillwater, MN, a specialty chemical manufacturer for the electrical and telecommunications industries, and Hauff-Technik Gmbh & Co. KG, based in Hermaringen, Germany, have joined forces to introduce a line of sealing systems to the U.S. market.

 Polywater’s president Erik Freyser said the sealing system, combined with chemical sealants, offers significant solutions for infrastructure and daily living. “Our partner, Hauff-Technik, designs state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee absolute tightness, economic efficiency, user friendliness and durability in all types of construction,” said Freyser in the press release. “Polywater’s understanding of customers’ needs led to this partnership with Hauff-Technik, both extending our position in the industry and aligning with our strengths in understanding and adapting to the evolving needs of our customers.”

 These sealing systems are designed for use in both new construction and existing infrastructure ranging from data centers, water treatment facilities, substations, multi-storied office complexes, and other infrastructure construction projects. U.S. national building standards are trending towards more tightly sealed construction for energy efficiency. Based on customer feedback, the Polywater|Hauff-Technik seals are adaptable and built to accommodate future demand for electrical and communication cables. Another example of innovation that the seals offer is the PGKD modular seal’s visual indicator, which signals yellow when the seal has been properly installed. This indicator provides the field with immediate confirmation that the seal is tight.

 The Polywater|Hauff-Technik sealants will protect against water, gas and rodent migration. The seals harden communities’ critical underground systems as they face harsher storms, more flooding, and greater variation in air temperature. “Resembling a chain, the performance of a network is always determined by its weakest link. If just one seemingly small or insignificant component fails under specific circumstances such as ingress of moisture, this can affect the whole system and even lead to total failure,” said Hauff-Technik CEO, Dr. Michael Seibold, in the press release

“This partnership provides secure and organized solutions for structural entrances, cables, and pipes. Planning for future upgrades is seamless because of the multiple choices of covers and seals,” said Tom Fredericks, vice president and general manager of Polywater’s Electrical Division, in the press release. Click here to view a video on the new sealing systems.