Milbank Expands Role of Fields Electrical Sales Reps

Feb. 13, 2020
FES, formerly representing Milbank in OH and MI, will now add western PA and WV

Milbank, Kansas City, MO, recently announced that as of January 28, Fields Electrical Sales will also be representing Milbank in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The FES team, which consists of 16 members, has been representing Milbank in both Ohio and Michigan since September 2013, growing business across multiple Milbank product lines. Throughout 2019, the FES team consistently gained several utility approvals on key Milbank products.

“Not only does the Fields Electrical Sales team work hard, they are enthusiastic about Milbank,” said Jack Hackathorn, director of sales – east for Milbank, in the release. “Everyone who works with FES is impressed by their dedication to increasing their product knowledge and their efforts to seek new opportunities.”