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MCA Associates to Launch Robotics Evolution Newsletter

July 1, 2020
The first issue of the new newsletter will be published in September.

MCA Associates ( will be launching Robotics Evolution Brief, a new quarterly email newsletter focused on robotics in distribution. Howard Coleman, MCA Associates' principal,  says the new publication will include "news and significant new advances in collaborative robotics from authoritative sources; describe the different types of robots and how they can be deployed; explore how collaborative robots can integrate with warehouse management systems (WMS); and feature case studies and more from companies utilizing robotics in distribution."

"Collaborative robots will not totally replace humans," he says in MCA's press release announcing the new venture. "But the demand for labor will increasingly be an issue for work that is often repetitive, non-value added, physically taxing, and results in low worker satisfaction, high turnover, regular retraining and associated costs. Distributors are beginning to understand the advantages of freeing up human resources to focus on more value-added, critical activities.”

The Robotics Evolution Brief will be available by subscription only at a cost of $99 annually. To learn more and to sign up for a subscription, email Howard at [email protected]. Coleman is a contributing writer for Electrical Wholesaling on  on topics such as robotics and warehouse management.

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