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AD Finalizes SafetyNetwork Merger

Sept. 2, 2020
Nearly 50 members from the safety industry will join the AD community.

AD finalized its merger agreement with Tampa-based SafetyNetwork and set Jan. 1, 2021 as the closing date, creating AD’s only safety-dedicated division focused on the growth of independent distributors specializing in the safety market.

This milestone comes after a late-February vote in which SafetyNetwork’s independent members overwhelmingly voted in favor to merge the two groups. The merger is part of AD’s commitment to ensuring a strong future for independent distributors. This partnership will create the AD Safety Network Division, which will be led by Marisol Fernandez who is also the president of the Industrial and Safety–U.S. Division.

“It’s my privilege to welcome SafetyNetwork’s staff, members and supplier partners, all of whom are well-respected in our industry,” Fernandez said in the press release. Nearly 50 new members will join the AD community.

SafetyNetwork Board Chairman and President of goSafe Burk Shaw said the merger will further strengthen the position of independent safety distributors in the market. “At a time when it’s never been more crucial to grow, this merger allows our members access to AD’s best-in-class suppliers and distinguishing growth programs like eCommerce. We’re excited about joining the AD organization and leveraging new capabilities to accelerate the growth of safety distributors in the group,” Shaw said in the release.

AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg continues to see tremendous benefits for existing members resulting from this merger. “Mergers like this give us the ability to leverage our scale for all our members,” Weisberg said in the press release. “I’m looking forward to helping our new members integrate within the AD family and maximize all our programs to benefit their companies and the customers they serve in the safety industry.”

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