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City Electric Supply Opens New Branch in Philly Suburbs

Jan. 4, 2021
City Electric Supply (CES) recently opened a new branch in Willow Grove, PA, cutting down drive time for local contractors.

The branch manager of CES’ new location in Willow Grove, PA, says the early feedback from contractors on the new location has been quite positive. CES Willow Grove Branch Manager TJ Lorenz said in the press release, “Before we even opened, a customer stopped in to tell us just how happy he was to see us here,” He just told us, ‘This is so much better for me. I don’t have to drive out of my way to pick up supplies. I can just bring it back to the shop or stop here and head right to the job.’”

The branch isn’t just saving local customers time but also money by helping them avoid some of the tax rates in Philadelphia.

“A lot of the guys that work in Philadelphia live in this area,” said in the release. “They’ll stop by in the morning, save some money, and get the supplies they need to take onto the job sites. We don’t have many large contractors, but we have a lot of smaller ones with maybe a couple trucks who specialize in commercial and residential. That’s great for us,” he said. “Some even run their business out of their house, so supporting them is important. It’s about doing as much as we can for everyone and supporting local businesses.”

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