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The 5 Best Reasons to Subscribe to Electrical Marketing

Feb. 18, 2021
A $99 annual subscription gives you access to a mountain of valuable electrical market data along with insights into the latest industry news.

1. The monthly Electrical Price Index (EPI). Electrical execs rely on the EPI to check pricing trends in more than 20 product categories.

2. Electrical Sales Potential.  Estimates and analysis of Electrical Sales Potential at the county, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), state and national level that you can uses to estimate local market potential for sales quotas, branch expansion and acquisition research.

3. Electrical Product Sales Estimates.   Electrical Marketing's Electrical Product Sales Estimates for 16 electrical product categories at the state & national level provide insight on product sales potential not available anywhere else in the electrical industry.

4. Electrical Marketing's Construction Project Database. Info on hundreds of construction projects on the drawing boards or underway. Updated quarterly.

5. Building Permit & Population Growth Data.  EM's updated building permit and population data at the local and state level offers insight into the fastest-growing local market areas in the United States.

Any questions about this data? Contact Jim Lucy, Electrical Marketing's editor-in-chief, at [email protected] or 913-461-7679.

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