Etim Na Blue Volt Annct

BlueVolt Joins ETIM North America

April 2, 2021
Founded in 2003, BlueVolt has helped organizations and their partners build knowledge and drive growth.

BlueVolt recently joined ETIM North America (NA). Founded in 2003, BlueVolt has helped organizations and their partners build knowledge and drive growth. Its learning and marketing platform supports a wide range of organizations, including manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, associations, retailers and more. BlueVolt’s solutions empower businesses to increase sales, build brand awareness, and enhance team member knowledge.

BlueVolt believes relationships matter and that people desire to grow their skills. When that happens, companies also grow and communities thrive. According to Gaven Singh, BlueVolt’s vice president, in the release, “This is why we wanted to become a member of ETIM North America. We pioneered Channel Learning for the electrical industry, and we see the ETIM model as the way to bring the whole community together to become digitized.  ETIM can be incorporated into our product training modules to simplify the learning process by standardizing the product data language.”

The BlueVolt Sharing Center hosts more than half a million product training courses, and that number grows every year. Implementing ETIM’s standardized tagging system enables BlueVolt to ensure that customers see all of their course options. BlueVolt already works with ETIM NA members such as IMARK Electrical, Summit Electric Supply, McNaughton-McKay, NEMRA and Eaton, to name a few.

ETIM North America’s Executive Director, Mary Shaw, shared in the release that, “We’re excited to have BlueVolt join us. Through their advocacy and utilization of the model and extensive customer base, we can extend our reach to companies both inside and outside the electrical industry. Further, we’ll be able to utilize the platform to support ETIM North America communication and education.”

ETIM’s digital product classification system, supported by regional chapters in 24 countries, will generate supply chain efficiency, facilitate downstream computer-to-computer communication, and enhance eCommerce capabilities for manufacturers and distributors.

The ETIM NA association’s vision is to support the adoption and utilization of the machine-readable standards throughout the electrical ecosystem, enabling efficient transference of product information across technology platforms. For more information, visit the ETIM NA website.