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City Electric Supply Opens New Location in Weaverville, North Carolina

Feb. 11, 2022
The new location hopes to serve the growing Weaverville area.

On the western side of North Carolina, City Electric Supply (CES) opened the doors to a new branch in Weaverville. The company decided to open a branch in Weaverville because of the growth that the area is seeing.

“We wanted to do our homework to put the branch in the best location possible,” said branch manager Travis Moree in the press release. “Weaverville is part of a larger area, so I think we’re in a good spot that will help a lot of different customers looking for electrical supplies.”

“It can take 30 minutes to drive just a couple of miles in certain parts of the day,” said district manager Terry Ford in the release. “We wanted to help our customers, especially those more north so that they don’t have to drive into the busy construction areas.”

As a Weaverville native, Moree looks forward to working with the community. “As a part of the community," Moree said, "we want to cater to anyone’s needs. It’s exciting to meet new people and build relationships with them. When a contractor has a good experience, they’re going to pass that on to others pretty quickly.”

City Electric Supply is ranked #7 on Electrical Wholesaling's 2021 Top 150 listing with more than 600 locations in North America.

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