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City Electric Supply Opens New Branch in Miramar, FL

Feb. 16, 2022
City Electric Supply is ranked #7 on Electrical Wholesaling's 2021 Top 150 listing with more than 600 locations in North America.

After a 10-year hiatus, City Electric Supply (CES) is back in Miramar, FL. CES said in a press release that in when it moved to a nearby town next door, traffic held contractors back by over half an hour to make a trip to the store. The company believes that the new building in the heart of Miramar will make life much easier for its customers. Said District Manager Mark Farnan in the press release, “We’re pleasantly surprised how fast we’ve picked up right where we left off. People remember us, and it feels like we haven’t missed a beat.”

The team that is now serving Miramar is unique as well. Starting out as a driver with CES when he relocated to Florida, CES Miramar Branch Manager Luis Matias has worked his way up in the company  says he is honored to be opening this new Miramar location. “Since I relocated to Florida in 2001, CES has been a blessing,” he said in the press release. “I’ve learned a little bit of everything, and it’s been wonderful learning all the different parts of the business. My operations manager, Miguel, and I are both very excited and motivated to make CES Miramar a success. We’re getting a lot of customers who are doing renovations around the house. They’re happy and excited to have a new electrical supply store so close to home.”

City Electric Supply is ranked #7 on Electrical Wholesaling's 2021 Top 150 listing with more than 600 locations in North America.

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