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City Electric Supply Opens New Branch in Charlotte Metro

April 22, 2022
Charlotte West Branch Manager Miguel Cruzado and his team at the new location.

City Electric Supply (CES) recently opened a new branch in the Charlotte, NC, metropolitan area, its seventh branch in the Charlotte metro and its 78th branch in the state.

As the fastest-growing city in the state, Charlotte West Branch Manager Miguel Cruzado Jr. know more growth is coming to the area, and he wants his branch to be prepared to help every kind of customer that walks through the doors.  

“There are developments that are happening over the next five to 10 years,” Cruzado said in the press release. “There’s going to be everything from lake homes, parks, walking trails, apartments, businesses and restaurants — the possibilities are endless. And my branch wants to be ready.”

 CES found their location after eight months of searching. When they found a building that would need some revamping, another City Electric Supply location in the area stepped up to help with all of Charlotte Wests’ electrical wiring and needs.

 Not only does Cruzado have a team full of well-versed, experienced workers from various backgrounds, Miguel also gets to work with someone he’s extremely close to -his son. “My operations manager is my son, also named Miguel, who has over five years of experience and worked at one of the busiest CES locations in the nation. Sales Rep Jason Rick came from a different industry, but he’s a natural. Trenton Skipper works counter sales with a great HVAC background. Our new van driver, Dewayne Stowe, is a Charlotte native who knows the area well.”

 “What excites me the most is how we get to start from scratch in a way. My goal is to teach these guys so they can grow and never feel like they are stuck. We’re on a mission to be a powerhouse, and I’m thrilled to be in this area with this team.”

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