Bussmann Launches Two-Year Training Tour

Sept. 1, 2009
Cooper Bussmann recently kicked off a two-year training tour titled Productivity Through Protection (PTP), with customer training events scheduled at

Cooper Bussmann recently kicked off a two-year training tour titled “Productivity Through Protection” (PTP), with customer training events scheduled at U.S and Canadian distributor branches and industry trade shows through the end of 2010.

The tour is an electrical technology and training program designed for electricians and engineers in construction, maintenance and repair, and original equipment design. Bussmann has developed a 32-foot mobile display outfitted with Bussmann circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products. Guests are also able to engage in training via interactive displays, video demonstrations and one-on-one discussions with Cooper Bussmann representatives.

Distributors can select from five training modules to meet the needs of their local customer base with topics ranging from industrial control panel short-circuit current ratings to selective coordination:

  1. Industrial end user/MRO

    This session focuses on overcurrent protection considerations, including motor circuit protection, arc-flash protection and selective coordination. The instructor will also provide fusible solutions and a review of NFPA 70E and CSA-Z642.

  2. OEM - Industrial Control Panels & Short-Circuit Current Ratings

    This session reviews NEC requirements, UL 508A and SCCR analysis methods, plus design, installation and inspection considerations. The instructor will demonstrate the award-winning Cooper Bussmann OSCAR 2.0 SCCR compliance software as well as current-limiting fuses and high SCCR components.

  3. Construction/Selective coordination

    This session reviews new selective coordination Code requirements of NEC and CEC and provides guidelines as to how contractors can comply.

  4. National Electrical Code compliance

    This session provides a high level review of the NEC and CEC issues including interrupting rating and component protection; selective coordination; SCCR marking requirements; arc-flash marking requirements; series ratings, and slash voltage vs. full voltage. The instructor will provide a review of Cooper Bussmann solutions, covering current limiting and high SCCR products and services.

  5. Benefits of fuses

    This session provides a review of the use of fuses in relation to key industry issues: voltage ratings; reliable overcurrent protection; simplified selective coordination; high interrupting ratings; current limitation; excellent short-circuit protection; high SCCR and arc-flash hazard mitigation.

An online locator map displays the North America Productivity Through Protection tour schedule and its current location. Visit www.cooperbussmann.com/PTPTour to learn more.

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