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Lunera Lighting Gives Gift of Light to San Miguel School

Feb. 10, 2015

LED lighting manufacturer Lunera Lighting, Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., helped out a school for low-income kids in Washington, D.C., with LED lighting to replace their CFL-based system. Lunera delivered its plug-and-play 13-watt Helen Lamps to the San Miguel School to replace many of the school's 26-watt compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). The system was so simple the school’s graduated students and interns helped complete the installation.

San Miguel is an elementary Catholic school that helps break the cycle of poverty for low-income Latino children in the Washington, D.C., area.

"Our student alumni and interns easily completed the installation of the plug-and-play Helen Lamps during summer break. We replaced existing CFLs with Helen Lamps in our multipurpose room, cafeteria, library and restrooms. The teachers and students immediately noticed the difference in the warmth and quality of the light. In the library, it felt as though there was more daylight in the room making it easier for students to read and study," said Don Mullikin, president of San Miguel School. 

The Helen Lamps were used in the school's multipurpose room, cafeteria, library and restrooms. Now students can study and do homework under great light in the library, instead of at home in a poorly lit, crowded apartment. The school displays calendars, information and student art projects in the hallways, which came to life under the new lighting.

"As a company focused on continuing innovation, we are pleased to help the San Miguel School to provide an improved learning environment for students and help create the innovators of tomorrow," said Tom Quinn, Lunera vice president of sales and marketing.

The Energy Star rated Helen Lamp delivers 900 lumens of usable light and offers four color temperatures to choose from. Designed for long lighting run times, the instant-on lamps immediately improved the interior lighting environment, reduced energy usage, and ultimately provided a sustainable improvement for the school.

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