As you can see in this illustration from the AmazonSupply Careers page, the company plans to revolutionize the B2B marketplace.

Why AmazonSupply is Gunning for Your Best Employees

April 20, 2015
This Gartner blog offers an interesting update about where AmazonSupply is at with its hiring plans.

Kirsten Newbold-Knipp offers an interesting update in “3 Reasons Amazon should strike fear and inspiration into the heart of B2B marketers,” a Gartner blog about where AmazonSupply is at with its hiring plans. In part, here is what she had to say:

“Amazon is looking to hire your best talent: In the last several weeks, AmazonSupply has increased already strong hiring plans with 50+ openings geared specifically at B2B. Given that B2B merchandising is not part of their core DNA, it stands to reason that Amazon will use their substantially deep pockets to find the best and brightest talent with experience doing B2B at scale.

"This will enable them to move fast, blending their in house customer experience smarts with fresh talent that knows B2B – but it also means that your most talented team members might be lured to Seattle before you know it.”

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