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Ideal Industries Launches Competition for Electricians

April 14, 2016
Toolmaker Ideal Industries, Inc., Sycamore, Ill., has created a new competition to name a national champion electrician.

Toolmaker Ideal Industries, Inc., Sycamore, Ill., has created a new competition to name a national champion electrician. The first-ever Ideal National Championship is part of the company’s centennial celebration, a way “to honor and showcase the abilities of electrical professionals, students and apprentices from across the U.S.," said a company release.

The three-round competition, will begin with a series of preliminary events where winners are awarded with tool kits and an opportunity to compete in the semi-finals and finals at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

“The professional tradesman is too often an unsung hero. They keep our world turning, working in snow, rain and incredible heat – all to fix our problems at a moment’s notice,” said Jim James, Ideal’s chairman and CEO, in announcing the competition. “What better way to show our gratitude for their hard work and dedication than by giving them a platform to display and utilize their talents in a competition based on skills essential to their livelihood and rewarding their success along the way.”

Starting in May 2016 and ending in October, electrical professionals and students/apprentices can participate (as an individual or team of three) in one of many first-round events being held by electrical distributors, trade schools and other organizations across the nation. Here's Ideal's description of the competition:

Contestants will need to demonstrate both their problem-solving and physical skills across four categories: wire cutting, stripping, termination and testing through a multi-station speed test judged by fastest completion time and overall accuracy of the wire connection. The highest scores at each location will be recorded, and the top 10 professionals and top 10 students will be displayed on the Ideal Nationals website.

How It Works:

Beginning on April 1st, participants can sign up online at www.IDEALnationals.com. The competition will be divided into two categories: one for professionals and one for students and apprentices. Each will fill out their own registration form and be given the option of signing up as an individual and/or as part of a team of three.

Upon completion, each participant will receive a unique ID to use throughout the competition. They can then enter their zip code to locate an event closest to them for participation. First round events will take place across the country beginning in May and ending in October. Each competitor can compete once at any event but can attend and compete at as many different events as they want to.

Rankings will be posted online and updated daily. The top 67 professional tradesmen and top 67 students/apprentices with the fastest times (participating as individuals) will advance to the semi-finals taking place on November 11. The top five professional tradesmen and student/apprentice teams with the fastest times from the first-round events, will head straight to the finals and compete on November 12 for the IDEAL National Championship title. Those individuals advancing to the semi-finals and teams advancing directly to the finals will also receive a 13-piece tool kit (valued at $325 dollars) and travel accommodations provided by IDEAL.

What’s On The Line At Finals:

For professional electrical tradesmen participating as an individual:

•  1st place - $75,000                              

•  2nd place - $25,000

•  3rd place - $10,000

For professional electrical tradesmen participating as a team:

•  1st place - $60,000 (split amongst teammates)

For students/apprentices participating as an individual:             

•  1st place - $30,000 + $5,000 for school

•  2nd place - $20,000

•  3rd place - $10,000

For students/apprentices participating as a team:

•  1st place - $30,000 (split amongst teammates) + $5,000 for school

For more information on The IDEAL National Championship, visit www.IDEALnationals.com.