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May was a Bad Month for Power Outages - Eaton’s BlackOut Tracker

June 14, 2016
A May 9 blackout at SalesForce.com left some U.S. customers unable to access services for more than a day, prompting the firm’s CEO to personally apologize to disgruntled clients via Twitter. A May 28 blackout at the Luther Unit prison in Navasota, Texas, sparked a brawl between inmates and correctional officers. 

With its concerns for dependable power, Eaton Corp. tracks power outages in its Blackout Tracker. May 2016 was a bad month. According to a post at Eaton’s ThePlug e-mail newsletter, last month there were 329 outages affecting nearly 900,000 people for more than nine days. The blackouts include an outages at Chicago’s Navy Pier that left about 100 riders on the Pier’s famed ferris wheel stuck for about 30 minutes; a data centers serving Salesforce; a prison in southeast Texas; and Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle's tallest building Columbia Tower, and Seattle Public Library. Along with providing monthly coverage of blackouts, its 2015 Blackout Tracker annual report offers more detailed information on local blackouts.