Photo courtesy of Zumtobel
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German Football Museum Uses Lighting to Engage

July 8, 2016
Zumtobel's lighting management system plays a key role in making the museum kick.

Since it opened in October 2015, the German Football Museum in Dortmund has been the home of unforgettable footballing moments in Germany. Under the motto "We are football", the German Football Association (DFB for Deutscher Fußball-Bund) has created a museum that offers its visitors an innovative and contextually sophisticated multimedia experience. The exhibition is spread over 3,300 m² (just over 35,500 sq ft) and impresses visitors with a modern concept that integrates interactive and multimedia content.

The site demands the right lighting concept that highlights certain elements such as the German national team's gleaming trophies, while also guiding people through the rooms. Light also plays an important emotional role, not just when informing different generations and inspiring reflection, but to surprise, touch and inspire them and, last but not least, to entertain them.

Zumtobel Lighting’s Luxmate Litenet lighting management system plays a key role in making the museum kick. The system enables the luminaires' luminous intensity and color temperature to be independently defined and adjusted – the right lighting scenario can be configured for the respective area of application. Moreover, it provides integration with the emergency escape lighting using the emergency lighting system Onlite, which is used throughout the entire building. General lighting is taken care of thanks to the Tecton continuous-row luminaire, Panos downlights and Cardan E1 gimbal-mounted luminaire modules, providing efficient lighting with great light quality and color rendering. In staircases and passages, the aesthetic Sottile light line, a project luminaire based on the Slotlight infinity slim, emphasizes subtle accents.