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McNaughton-McKay adds Universal Robotics to line card

May 25, 2017
With addition of Universal Robots's "cobots" McNaughton-McKay looks to the future

McNaughton-McKay Electric Co., Madison Heights, MI, is adding a line of industrial robots to its offerings in the automation space with a new agreement with Universal Robots (UR) to distribute their Collaborative Robots (aka “cobots”) in the company’s Georgia, Michigan and Ohio regions.

In its press release, McNaughton-McKay said cobots are “a new class of robotics that make robot technology available at every level of manufacturing.  They can automate virtually anything and work side by side with their human counterparts without the need for safety caging after risk assessment. Because of their flexibility and affordability, cobots reduce previous obstacles associated with the use of traditional robots making it easier for firms of any size to deploy automation.”