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An LED Retrofit for Brandeis University

Dec. 26, 2018
Lighting systems at the university’s 65,000 square foot Carl and Ruth Shapiro Campus Center may slash annual lighting costs by 78%.

Energy Source, a division of Revolution Lighting Technologies, Providence, RI, sent some photos and details of its recently completed LED retrofit project for Brandeis University, a private university in Waltham, MA. The company retrofitted lighting systems at the university’s 65,000 square foot Carl and Ruth Shapiro Campus Center, home to study spaces, a theater, libraries, a café, lounges, a bookstore, and student life offices. The project was a continuation of Energy Source’s work as a program contractor within the Eversource Commercial & Industrial (C&I) retrofit program.

The project began with a comprehensive assessment by Energy Source and then replacement of some of the existing antiquated lighting with LED solutions throughout the facility. The retrofit is expected to reduce Brandeis’ annual lighting costs by 78% while delivering superior light output to ensure a highly productive environment for students and faculty, the company said.

Energy Source managed every phase of the project, providing turnkey services that included scope development, material selection, incentive procurement, and project management. They also worked to secure project incentives that will help Brandeis University secure a payback of under 5 years.

“We were able to vastly improve the quality of light by switching over to LEDs. Areas that were under-lit before are now bright and welcoming while using less energy,” said Mary Fischer, manager of Sustainability Programs, Brandeis University. “We were able to replace some of the old fixtures with half as many LED fixtures due to their increased lumen output per fixture. The LEDs will last longer, reducing the need for costly replacements in that problem area.”

The Eversource C&I retrofit program supports the state’s Mass Save program and helps to maintain Massachusetts’ #1 state ranking for energy efficiency, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). In partnership with Eversource, Energy Source helps businesses prioritize ways to reduce energy and costs by identifying and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities, including lighting, controls, HVAC and motor upgrades, refrigeration controls, and other measures to reduce both electric and gas consumption.

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