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City Electric Supply Helps Replace Over 60 Electric Panels for Denver Public School System

April 13, 2022
City Electric Supply (CES) helped Denver Public Schools safely and effectively replace over 60 electrical panels throughout 40 of their schools in just three years.

City Electric Supply (CES) has helped the Denver Public School System (DPS) with a custom panel box replacement program that has been used in nearly 40 of their schools. DPS has school infrastructure that dates back as early as 1859. Since then, DPS has built and expanded the school system to reach 207 in total. When certain schools started needing upgrades around three years ago, electrical panels were proving impossible to repair in the older buildings. 

 “Our schools range from very, very old to very, very new,” said Mike Lakos, Electrical Department Manager for DPS. “When a bond passes, the old electrical has to wait in line to get replacement funding.” 

 A single replacement of one electrical panel could take several weeks to complete, disrupting the schools’ operations, and the price was outside of the school system’s budget. CES was able to help Denver Public Schools get custom retrofit panels. 

A big advantage for multiple reasons, these panels could fit in existing wall structures, were delivered in as little as two weeks, and installed within eight hours. 

“When I meet Mike and his team, they know how many panels are needed before I even come out,” said CES Sales Representative Ted Lunn. “This helps us be accurate with measurements, order forms, and arrival dates.”

 CES has since helped the schools upgrade 65 panels in their system.

 “It’s funny because electrical is taken for granted, and it has to be that way,” Mike expressed. “Nobody notices anything other than our technicians arriving for installation, so we’re doing a pretty good job.”

 CES was happy to play a role in the project.                                               

 “We’re lucky to work with DPS and have built a good relationship with them,” explained Ted. 

 “Our team is very appreciative for the solutions and supplies from Ted, CES, and Eaton. We lean on vendors to bring us certain products or resources. We rely on people like Ted and CES to show us the latest and greatest stuff,” said Mike.

 And it’s clear the panels have been an asset to each school. 

 “Our schools do not experience a power outage for any time at all,” shared Mike. “It just goes to show that the industry is really listening and changing.”

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