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CES Opens 19th Branch in Colorado

Jan. 19, 2023

City Electric Supply recently completed a six-month renovation on a branch in Loveland, CO, that’s now the largest CES store in the state. Just shy of 8,000 sq ft, the building underwent a complete transformation with the removal of a partial wall, the addition of a full pipe yard on the side, and the installation of customized racking for the best organization possible inside the branch. 

 “Our ultimate goal here is to be able to service the people of Colorado, no matter the job size,” said Branch Manager Winston Bollig in the press release. “My team and I hope our facility will allow this goal to be a reality. We came in with a vision, knowing what we wanted to do at the beginning of the remodel. Taking our time picking everything out, my team and I wanted to ensure everything was done right.”

In the northern region of Colorado, this CES store will provide easier access to materials for customers. CES Loveland is nestled between three other CES branches located within a half-hour drive of this new branch. 

“A big part of opening this Loveland location was to allow our customers to reach us quicker, and in turn, we can help their job sites with ease. This will be our first location in Loveland, and CES is thrilled to be here,” said District Manager Mike Jones in the press release. “This branch is situated right in the middle of town. It’s in a great spot for people heading any direction in and out of the area.”

 Winston, who was born and raised in the area, started working in the electrical industry while still in high school. “I started working in a panel shop. I just wanted a job, but it’s turned into a career,” said Winston. “I started on the counter, learning different parts as I went. The sales aspect of the job came naturally after that, and I really enjoy the customer aspect of the industry.” 

Early in his career, Winston had the opportunity to work beside someone special, his dad. “My dad has worked in the industry for 32 years,” said Winston. “We worked in sales together for about a year, and it was really cool to learn beside him.” 

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