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CES Opens Branch in Fast-Growing Spring Hill, TN

May 2, 2023

Thirty minutes outside of Nashville, Spring Hill, TN, is recognized as the fourth fastest-growing city in the state, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. To help keep up with the development the area is seeing, City Electric Supply (CES) has opened a location in Spring Hill The branch is open and ready to serve the community after a two-year long build out process. 

Now, the 9,800-sq-ft facility is complete, open and ready to serve the Spring Hill area. This electrical supply house is one of the first in the city and can be found off the Saturn Parkway. Anyone who drives by can see the building lit up on the hill. 

Branch Manager Korey Harris said in the press release, “We’re here, we’re open, and we’re in an amazing location. The parkway is right outside of our windows. At night, people can see our building lit up. We’re like a light on top of a hill, and the building does its own advertising that way.”

Harris, a local to the area, is a former customer of City Electric Supply. He was an electrical contractor for more than five years and did most of his business at CES Cool Springs, where he knew the team well. Transitioning to the distribution side of the electrical industry, Korey worked at the counter for two years at Cool Springs and did outside sales at CES Nashville North. The opportunity to open CES Spring Hill came up for Korey at the perfect time. 

“I met with the District Manager and saw the opportunities CES could provide,” said Korey. “This has been a dream scenario for me. To run a store in my hometown is a wonderful opportunity. I know the place, people, and customer base. I’m looking forward to seeing what this branch will do to help the customers here in Spring Hill.”

CES Spring Hill is positioned between two other existing CES branches. Right in the middle of CES Columbia and Cool Springs, the Spring Hill location will not only help development in Spring Hill, but the branch will help existing CES customers.

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