The CES team at the company's new Palm Beach, FL, branch.

CES Opens Branches in Denver and at the Palm Beach Airport

July 28, 2023

City Electric Supply (CES), Dallas, opened its fourth branch in the Denver metro in Englewood, CO, and launched a new location at the Palm Beach, FL, airport.

The Palm Beach Airport location is less than four miles away from CES West Palm Beach, but its location will cut down on drive time for customers working on Palm Beach Island. Michael Carter, a former CES customer and an electrician with over 30 years of experience in the industry will manage the branch.

The Englewood branch will serve a market need for new and existing customers and is located less than 15 minutes away from other City Electric Supply branches in the area.

 “This branch will hover at the border of Englewood and Denver,” said District Manager Randy Birely in the press release. “This is our fourth location in the Denver area, and we want to continue to pack locations here. We want a dense network for existing customers, and we’re excited to introduce ourselves to new business here as well.”

 “Englewood is closest to the Denver Central location, and we are close to CES Stapleton and Commerce City,” added CES Englewood Branch Manager Josh Pickle. “We are excited to help serve our CES customers in such a great location.”

 CES Englewood sits on the Santa Fe corridor, the biggest and oldest industrial district in Denver. The team found the empty building, installed racking and spent three months renovating the location to fit all its needs. The store is larger than 13,000 sq ft and will also be the home to the projects department.

 “The location already had a counter and a couple of office spaces. We added a couple of extra offices for our project department team members so that department will be located at CES Englewood,” said Birely in the release. “I showed Josh the empty building, and I could see ideas already start to turn about what he wanted to do with the renovations. This team was excited to come in and make it their own.”

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