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Electro Federation Canada Honors Bill Hammond of Hammond Manufacturing

June 10, 2024
After serving as CEO of Hammond Power Solutions for 22 years, Hammond has retired and now serves as executive chairman.

Bill Hammond has been honored with the Electro Federation Canada (EFC) Industry Recognition Award.

This award recognizes his significant contributions to the Canadian electrical industry and his unwavering dedication to excellence. The EFC Industry Recognition Award is presented annually to an individual who has profoundly influenced the Canadian electrical sector. Recipients of this award are distinguished by their strong leadership, industry involvement and commitment to regional, national and community activities.

In his acceptance speech, Bill Hammond expressed his gratitude to EFC and his colleagues in the industry. “I stand before you tonight because I was part of an incredible and passionate team of managers and employees who built a small Canadian company into the largest dry-type transformer company in North America, now with 14 plants and 2,000 employees around the world.”

John Kerr, a longtime colleague and friend of Bill Hammond, said in a tribute speech for Hammond at the event,  “Bill was right in the thick of it. Finding new ways to change, to grow, to motivate and to lead. Bill was in the front lines. Always at customer and industry events and keen to share what he learned with the team that he led.”

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